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The Making of Warlords (Teaser #2)

While we prepare new gameplay previews for the coming weeks, today we’re releasing a second short ‘Making Of Stronghold: Warlordsteaser video. Today’s preview discusses voice acting and the fine balancing act between historical authenticity, great performances and our Stronghold-style humour. In addition to planned support for 15 languages, we also made the decision quite early on to support audio in eight languages, as well as snippets of other languages for specific units. Music and sound design are so important to the Stronghold series that it felt necessary to include in the game and we hope it’s something enjoyed by players worldwide at launch!

Available at launch as part of Stronghold: Warlords – Special Edition, this feature-length documentary takes a look behind the scenes with over two years of game development at Firefly Studios. Unpacking the complex process of creating a modern strategy/sim hybrid on PC, the documentary is designed to provide insight into these unique genres for those curious about their creation. Continue reading

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The Making of Warlords (Teaser #1)

Today we have a short and sweet video for you in the form of our first ‘Teaser‘ for the ‘Making Of Stronghold: Warlords‘ documentary. Available at launch as part of Warlord’s Special Edition, this feature-length documentary takes a look behind the scenes with over two years of game development at Firefly Studios. Charting the course of Warlords’ development from production to reveal and eventually release, Firefly’s very own Aaron Hayden takes viewers through each aspect of game production.

Unpacking the complex process of creating a modern strategy/sim hybrid on PC, the documentary is designed to provide insight into these unique genres for those curious about their creation. This teaser provides a glimpse of our concept, writing and research for the game. These building blocks form the basis of our design for a new Stronghold title and Warlords’ new setting provided fertile ground for both our gameplay and historical goals!

The Special Edition will be available at launch on Steam for $49.99, £34.99 and €39.99, with the base game also available without the above extras for $39.99, £29.99 and €34.99.

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22 Ways To Die in Stronghold: Warlords

This week we thought we’d take a break between the countless player questions about Stronghold: Warlords (Join the Discord if you have more!) and co-op multiplayer previews for a chance of pace. Warlords features a whopping 16 units and 10 siege weapons, in addition to many different castle defences and other special units like the warlords themselves. This got us thinking… Just how many ways are there for soldiers, peasants, monks and innocent diplomats to die in the game?

It turns out the answer to that question is at least 22! That’s right. We counted 22 unique means by which these virtual lives can be snuffed out in an instant (Not Pictured: Death by flooding). So what better way to celebrate this digital carnage than with a montage of death and destruction? Set to the tune of the William Tell Overture by Rossini, watch as our Videographer Aaron Hayden cuts, crushes, incinerates and obliterates his peasant population in the name of your entertainment. Continue reading

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New MP Footage

Today we reveal even more footage of our unique ‘shared base’ co-op mode, coming to Stronghold: Warlords‘ multiplayer at launch on March 9th 2021! Using fresh multiplayer gameplay from our pre-release build, this preview follows two brave ‘Lords of Firefly’, as Nick and Aaron carefully level up the challenge from last week with two medium difficulty opponents.

Going up against the legendary Thuc Phan and Qin Shi Huang on a fresh multiplayer map, our developers must choose between a fresh selection of warlords in the form of the Dragon, Pig and Mouse. Each provides unique tactical options, perks and advantages for the controlling player, assuming they can either win their allegiance using Diplomacy or force them to bend the knee with military pressure.

We still have plenty to show between now and launch, so stay tuned for more multiplayer videos as we complete work on this game mode and build toward our March 9th release date on Steam.

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Co-op Mode Reveal

Today we reveal footage of our ‘shared base’ co-op mode for Stronghold: Warlords, including our first ever multiplayer gameplay! Allowing players to share control of a single castle when playing together online, Warlords’ co-op mode is different from regular team-based multiplayer. In addition to being able to party up and build separate castles in team deathmatch, Stronghold: Warlords will also allow players to share control over a large shared army, peasant population, castle defences and network of warlords under their command.

Our new warlords system, which allows players to command a network of unique AI warlords across the battlefield, also benefits from co-op mode. Co-op play means advanced players can share the ‘grand strategy’ gameplay of the warlords between them, optimising their use of each one for economic or militaristic purposes. Continue reading

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New Gameplay Q&A

As our latest ‘castle sim’ in what is now a nearly 20 year history, Stronghold: Warlords has invited hundreds of questions during the course of development from series fans. In the past we’ve covered everything from basic questions about game content to returning units and advanced multiplayer features. As we approach release however it seems there are still about 100 questions remaining that we can answer before launch on March 9th. Enter our new ‘Pre-Launch’ Q&A series, created in the hopes of answer every single major pre-release question we have from fans about our upcoming RTS.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a tankard of mead and join Natasha as she quizzes Nick for one last time in a series of three rapid-fire Q&A videos. Answering questions against the backdrop of fresh gameplay captured from a recent build of the game, Nick and Natasha blast through nearly 100 questions collated from various social media, forums and fan sites for these three videos. If you don’t see your question in part one be sure to check out parts two and part three or join our Discord to ask the devs direct.

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Release Date Delay

It is with deep regret that we announce we have come to the difficult decision to delay the release of Stronghold: Warlords for a second and final time. The release date will no longer be January 26th 2021. We will instead be launching Stronghold: Warlords six weeks later on March 9th 2021.

The reason behind this is that the game’s multiplayer mode is simply not ready to be released yet. We have run into some unexpected issues with it and – while we have worked very hard to resolve these with our current deadlines – we need more time to iron them out. We want to be as transparent as possible with you about this and we did consider releasing as planned, delaying Multiplayer to go live in a future update. However as we have promised Multiplayer functionality for Stronghold: Warlords at launch for over a year now, releasing without it wouldn’t be fair to players. Continue reading

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Trebuchets, Mortars & Ballista!

As you know Stronghold: Warlords will be the first game in our ‘castle sim’ strategy series to introduce gunpowder siege weapons. Coming in the form of thunder crash bombs, the fearsome mortar, hwacha fire arrow cart and more, each can be used in different ways to cripple and eventually conquer rival players. Spread fire across enemy farmlands by catapulting bombs over their walls, blow apart defences with massive cannonballs or breach their castle walls with ancient rocket launchers. Castle defences even benefit from the addition of gunpowder, with mounted hwacha able to mow down lightly armoured enemy infantry before they can approach your walls.

What you probably aren’t aware of is that rocks and Chinese thunder crash bombs won’t be the only thing you’re launching over 300 meters come March 9th… That’s right, diseased animal ammunition is returning to the series in Stronghold: Warlords! While the humble Pig featured early in our design documents as an intended option in siege warfare we weren’t always sure about what other animals would be lucky enough to make the cut. Enter the Stronghold Discord community, who voted overwhelmingly for Water Buffalo over hot contenders like the ‘Large Bactrian Camel’ and ‘A Horse With a Sore Throat’. Continue reading

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Warlords Deep Dive

Join us for a full rundown of Stronghold: Warlords‘ titular warlords system, straight from the mind of Stronghold series Lead Designer and Co-Founder Simon Bradbury. Once again taking the video hot seat, Simon walks us through the finer details of Warlords’ new grand strategy gameplay elements. Accompanied by all new multiplayer footage, as well as a first look at the latest version of the warlords system itself, Simon goes in depth for the first time about what this new addition means for our ‘castle sim’ series.

Discussing the history of Stronghold’s estates and their evolution into the current warlords system, today we’re revealing new gameplay showing how this feature will work in multiplayer, the later stages of our campaign, skirmish and free build. In the final game players and computer opponents will battle it out military or politically, gaining ‘influence’ over warlords across the map by any means necessary. With the ability to force a warlord to bend the knee by military might or use diplomacy points to gain favour with them over other players, it is up to the player to decide how and when to conquer each warlord. Continue reading

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Soundtrack Preview #1

Earlier this year we announced that series stalwart Robert L. Euvino will be returning once more to compose an all new soundtrack for Stronghold: Warlords. Based on influences from Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian, Mongolian and Vietnamese culture, the music of Stronghold: Warlords is a unique hybrid of different styles. Today we’re releasing another early look at the music in the form of a soundtrack preview! Please enjoy the track as we prepare to launch Warlords on March 9th.

“Creating high octane siege music was an interesting challenge,” said Robert Euvino, Composer and Sound Designer on the Stronghold series. “Many far eastern instruments have a truly distinctive flavour and are never tuned to minor scales and harmonic minors, the scales that create darkers sounds associated with war. In many cases film and game music tend to abandon the instrumentation in favour of more traditional contemporary orchestral ‘war’ music. What we end up with is an interesting hybrid which should hopefully satisfy both longtime fans and purists!” Continue reading