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New MP Footage

Today we reveal even more footage of our unique ‘shared base’ co-op mode, coming to Stronghold: Warlords‘ multiplayer at launch on March 9th 2021! Using fresh multiplayer gameplay from our pre-release build, this preview follows two brave ‘Lords of Firefly’, as Nick and Aaron carefully level up the challenge from last week with two medium difficulty opponents.

Going up against the legendary Thuc Phan and Qin Shi Huang on a fresh multiplayer map, our developers must choose between a fresh selection of warlords in the form of the Dragon, Pig and Mouse. Each provides unique tactical options, perks and advantages for the controlling player, assuming they can either win their allegiance using Diplomacy or force them to bend the knee with military pressure.

We still have plenty to show between now and launch, so stay tuned for more multiplayer videos as we complete work on this game mode and build toward our March 9th release date on Steam.

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