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Month: March 2019

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Online Round-Up – Episode 1

This week we debut our brand new series, Firefly Studios’ Online Round-Up! Featuring the latest news on our two MMO strategy titles Stronghold Kingdoms and Romans: Age of Caesar. So whether you’re on the hunt for new countries to dominate in the Lord-eat-Lord world of Kingdoms or want to be among the first to see exclusive screenshots of our co-op city builder Romans: Age of Caesar. This is YOUR port of call for staying up to date on any announcements, news and feature updates across both titles and platforms.

So strap in as Nick takes you through what we have planned for Stronghold Kingdoms in early 2019 and provides a first look at Romans: AoC as the first wave of Alpha tests help us refine the game for release.

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The Legacy of Caesar

This week we bring you a very special ‘Let’s Play’ of the city-building classic Caesar 3, starring the Lead Designer from then Impressions Games – Simon Bradbury. While our new Online MMO Romans: Age of Caesar is deep in Alpha testing, we thought we would turn back the clocks to the time of the floppy disks & CRT monitors in search of the strategy gaming legacy of Firefly Studios & our new Roman title. So whether you are an old school player who enjoyed the glory of the first golden age of city simulation games, or a game dev looking for the differences between making games as a lone freelancer vs a studio head, Legacy of Caesar has you covered!

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Stronghold Showcase – Episode 4

While you wait for more Stronghold Next or Romans: Age of Caesar news, kill your boredom by checking out these fantastic fan-made maps from our previous titles, from the green pastures of Stronghold HD to the hostile deserts of Crusader 2! This episode we bring you a faithful recreation of The Battle for Helms Deep, an intriguing Crusader economic scenario, and of course, a couple of ridiculous skirmish maps for you and your fellow Lords to fight for dominion over.






Do you have a multiplayer battlefield, siege scenario or cosmetic map you think deserves to be in a future episode? Comment and let us know! We’re constantly on the lookout for cool fan-created content and love spotlighting lesser-known creations that go under the radar.

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Stronghold Kingdoms – China World

Conquer this new game world today and experience the latest map expansion for Firefly’s free-to-play ‘castle MMO’ Stronghold Kingdoms. Join over six million Lords and Ladies who already compete online for control over six unique Kingdoms and a brand new world map. Negotiate your way onto one of six thrones with a silver tongue or take power by force with the help of your faction or house! ‘China 1′ is our first game world focussed on the lands of the far east, featuring accurate real-world maps of six unique countries. Rule over your own corner of this new map, before setting your sights on world domination as you scout, trade, explore and attack across our latest game world. Be among the first to secure land and the last standing in Kingdoms’ race for glory, honour and loyal followers as you reach for the crown.