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Month: January 2019

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Stronghold Showcase – Episode 2

This week we’re back with another episode of the Stronghold Showcase! This new series sees Firefly Studios highlighting hidden gems from Steam Workshop, Stronghold Heaven and other Stronghold fan sites giving new life to classic titles. Whether you’re seeking a fresh Crusader skirmish map on which to battle friends or a brand new siege scenario to test your mettle in Stronghold we have you covered! Selecting maps from Firefly Studio’s legacy titles with active map making communities and easy access via Steam Workshop or Stronghold Heaven, Aaron showcases a series of awesome custom maps to dig your teeth into until Stronghold Next surfaces:

Do you have a multiplayer battlefield, siege scenario or cosmetic map you think deserves to be in a future episode? Comment and let us know! We’re constantly on the lookout for cool fan-created content and love spotlighting lesser-known creations that go under the radar.

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Stronghold & Chill – Marketing

Stronghold & Chill is back! Join Aaron as he interviews Marketing Manager Nick Tannahill about what he does at Firefly Studios and the role marketing plays in the development of the Stronghold series and other games at the studio. Joining the company as an intern when Stronghold Kingdoms was on the brink of reaching the heights of Steam’s free-to-play charts, Nick is now the head of marketing at Firefly having worked on every title since 2012. Over the years Nick has put his own stamp on what makes a Stronghold game great.

Stronghold & Chill aims to bring the developers at Firefly Studios and it’s communities closer together, so make sure you’re subscribed to Firefly Studios on YouTube.