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Month: February 2019

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Inspirations Behind Stronghold – Siege Warfare

This week we bring you a brand new episode of Inspirations Behind Stronghold. Delving deep into our historic RTS castle sims Stronghold HD & Stronghold 2: Steam Edition. Aaron illustrates how Firefly Studios incorporated all the menacing titans of Siege Equipment you as the player use in your castle sieges and resolute defences. From the ever popular Trebuchet to the trusted siege ladder, we’ll show you just how these historic besieging tools were used throughout the Medieval age and how we then balanced them in-game. With note to the famous battles they were used in, these tricks of the warring trade are worth knowing. As they informed our design decisions within the Stronghold titles & who knows, could prove as worthy knowledge for any regular Stronghold player.

This is the final episode of our European series of the Inspirations Behind Stronghold. But don’t be saddened, as we plan to produce another full series on fan-favourite Stronghold Crusader & it’s sequel later down the line. So make sure you hit the subscribe button with the notification bell on to be the first to see our Inspirations Behind Stronghold: Crusader premiere later in 2019!

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Romans: Age of Caesar Interview

This week Firefly co-founders Simon Bradbury and Eric Ouellette are interviewed to shed light on the origins and future of our newly-announced online city builder! Tracing their professional roots back to past studios and a certain roman city sim that started it all, Simon and Eric discuss how all roads have led to Romans. Having coded, designed, produced, composed music and created art for all three entries in the classic Caesar series, many of Firefly’s current staff and collaborators are mining this rich strategy heritage for our new MMO. Add this to Firefly’s experience developing CivCity: Rome and you have the perfect team to take this classic gameplay online in Romans: Age of Caesar!

Developed by a new internal team, Romans: Age of Caesar is our spiritual successor to Stronghold Kingdoms and a completely new strategic challenge for fans of Firefly Studios games. We’ll be levelling up the city builder with Romans by introducing shared roman cities and a single world map on which all players can trade, battle barbarians and explore the empire! Governors will work together to share resources and defeat common threats as they contribute toward the prosperity of their central city. With each new city built players will be able to explore further out, discover new resources and restore the empire to its former glory. Planned for PC and mobile with full cross-platform play, Romans: Age of Caesar is scheduled to release later this year.

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Romans: Age of Caesar – Firefly’s New MMO

We have just announced Romans: Age of Caesar, a co-operative grand strategy MMO and spiritual successor to our online castle builder! Pre-registration for the game’s first closed Alpha is now open, with our announcement trailer revealing Romans to prospective governors worldwide. Building on the unique MMO design of Stronghold Kingdoms, Romans is an online co-op city builder with thousands of players working together to rebuild Rome. The result is a shared world builder that returns to the classic Roman setting designer Simon Bradbury and producer Eric Ouellette made their name with before founding Firefly Studios in 1999.

In Romans players must rebuild the empire as they share resources, re-establish trade routes and protect their cities from barbarian invasion. Experience classic city builder gameplay online across on an entire continent as you build, trade and fight together with 15 other players in each city. Revive the republic and restore the Roman Empire to its former glory! Planned for both PC and mobile with full cross-platform play, Romans: Age of Caesar is scheduled to release later this year.

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Stronghold Lunar Sale

Rest in peace Spencer… This week the Firefly Cinematic Universe loses its brightest star as Spencer Steele, salesman of the year comes face to face with a truth even he cannot handle. Follow Spencer’s final journey to his beautiful New York apartment as he plays classic discounted Stronghold titles one last time. Happy Lunar New Year! In case you hadn’t already realised the Stronghold series is currently on sale on Steam. Get up to 90% off Stronghold titles with 50% off the new Steam Edition of Stronghold 2 and a whopping 80% off fan favourite Stronghold Crusader HD.