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Month: October 2017

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How (Not) to Play Stronghold 2

With the recent release of Stronghold 2: Steam Edition we wanted to highlight the newly integrated Steam multiplayer features in an “intense” 1v1 face-off between Firefly Studios devs. While we’re not entirely we achieved the intensity we were aiming for we do feel like Paul and Nick’s Stronghold 2 exploits are at least entertaining. So check out our latest Firefly Studios clash and let us know what your favourite multiplayer map on Facebook and Twitter!

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Stronghold Halloween Update

A terrible spell has been cast over your (mostly) innocent peasants with the arrival of our Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends Halloween updates! Something horrible has happened to your faithful subjects, their once endearing visage twisted and corrupted by the artists at Firefly Studios. Your only hope is to resist the temptation to hollow out and decorate their new noggins, instead putting them to work away from your corrupted keep. You could try burning your problems away with the new wholly cosmetic green wildfire, although we’re told the curse can only be lifted by those who cast it…

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Top 5 Community Strongholds

To celebrate the recent release of Stronghold 2: Steam Edition and the game’s new Steam Workshop support we have picked our top five community strongholds! From impenetrable designs and castles plucked from the pages of your favourite fantasy novel to faithful recreations of historic castles and entire cities, the Stronghold community does not disappoint.

For 15 years maps, castles and landscapes have been created in our various map editors that we never thought possible. Players have created entire functioning cities, faithfully recreated battlefields from Game of Thrones, challenged fellow players with near perfect defences and more. Here we collect our picks for the most varied designs, all of which still technically fall into the category of ‘castle’!

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Stronghold 2 Workshop Competition

With full Workshop support added as part of the Steam Edition update, it’s easier than ever to share your iconic castles, historic battlegrounds and epic fantasy landscapes! With over a hundred maps uploaded since launch we’re encouraging further historic (re)creation by running our very own custom map competition! Demonstrate your creativity, technical design skills and ingenuity to the Stronghold community and you could win a lifetime’s supply of Firefly Studios games! See your custom map featured on the official Firefly website, social media accounts and anywhere else we can tell the world about your awesome creation. Continue reading

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New MetaMorph Gameplay

In our latest MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures video we give you five reasons to wishlist our upcoming tactical action game! Coming soon to Early Access MetaMorph not only shares DNA with everyone’s favourite castle sim, it’s also a unique twist on the gameplay formula set out in classic dungeon crawlers. Talking through what we’re most proud of and parts of the game players enjoyed hands-on at EGX Rezzed and BitSummit earlier this year, we list five reasons MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures should be on your Steam radar for 2017 and beyond!

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Out Now – Stronghold 2: Steam Edition!

We are pleased to announce that Stronghold 2: Steam Edition is now available to download and play! Discounted by 15% during launch week and released as FREE update for existing owners on Steam, this new remaster is designed to future proof one of your favourite Stronghold games. With new content, enhanced graphics and a reworked UI the Steam Edition brings Stronghold 2 into the modern era for both veterans and Stronghold newbies. Continue reading