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Month: April 2022

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Romans: Age of Caesar – Now on Steam!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Today we proudly announce that Romans: Age of Caesar is out now and free to play on Steam! A brand new co-op city builder from a team of veteran Caesar developers, Romans: Age of Caesar is the latest historical strategy game from our team here at Firefly Studios. Players must rebuild the once great empire as they share resources, re-establish trade routes and protect their cities from barbarian invasion. Experience classic city builder gameplay across a sprawling online empire as you build, trade and fight alongside fellow players in a shared open world. Revive the republic and restore the Roman Empire to its former glory!

In our last Romans video we discussed what made the empire such a compelling setting for videogames and entertainment in the centuries following its collapse. To further discuss exactly what makes this setting and our new historical MMORTS special, we have none other than Firefly Studios co-founder Simon Bradbury, creator of Stronghold and former designer on the Caesar series! Continue reading

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The History of Rome in Gaming

As we approach the Steam launch of Romans: Age of Caesar on April 27th, we wanted to discuss Rome (or Roma as Aaron likes to say it) and its hold on our lives and imagination. Through its influence across law, architecture, trade, military tactics, art and craftsmanship, ancient Rome has its hold on developers worldwide.

In today’s video feature we’re incredibly excited to talk about why the Eternal City of Echoes and the empire that blossomed from its industrious seed came to be the setting for our latest and most ambitious online game, Romans: Age of Caesar. Gaming is unique in its capacity to allows players to actively engage with historical settings, making your experience far more personal as a result of being active participants, instead of just passive observers. Continue reading