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New Gameplay Q&A

As our latest ‘castle sim’ in what is now a nearly 20 year history, Stronghold: Warlords has invited hundreds of questions during the course of development from series fans. In the past we’ve covered everything from basic questions about game content to returning units and advanced multiplayer features. As we approach release however it seems there are still about 100 questions remaining that we can answer before launch on March 9th. Enter our new ‘Pre-Launch’ Q&A series, created in the hopes of answer every single major pre-release question we have from fans about our upcoming RTS.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a tankard of mead and join Natasha as she quizzes Nick for one last time in a series of three rapid-fire Q&A videos. Answering questions against the backdrop of fresh gameplay captured from a recent build of the game, Nick and Natasha blast through nearly 100 questions collated from various social media, forums and fan sites for these three videos. If you don’t see your question in part one be sure to check out parts two and part three or join our Discord to ask the devs direct.

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