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Romans: AoC – The Centurion!

Romans: Age of Caesar returns this week with one of our more adventurous ideas… The Centurion Drinking Challenge! Watch as Programmer Nikolay attempts to drink 100 shots of Guinness as he talks about all the things he likes about our new co-op city builder Romans: Age of Caesar, which is out now in Open Beta!

As Nikolay wolfs down his shots of Irish elixir, you learn about everything there is to know about Romans. From the co-op city building to the robust Senate system, you’ll be treated to a range of exciting aspects of the gameplay featured in our new MMO RTS, whilst also seeing Nikolay enjoy his favourite alcoholic drink! What’s not too like.

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Stronghold Showcase – Episode 4

While you wait for more Stronghold Next or Romans: Age of Caesar news, kill your boredom by checking out these fantastic fan-made maps from our previous titles, from the green pastures of Stronghold HD to the hostile deserts of Crusader 2! This episode we bring you a faithful recreation of The Battle for Helms Deep, an intriguing Crusader economic scenario, and of course, a couple of ridiculous skirmish maps for you and your fellow Lords to fight for dominion over.






Do you have a multiplayer battlefield, siege scenario or cosmetic map you think deserves to be in a future episode? Comment and let us know! We’re constantly on the lookout for cool fan-created content and love spotlighting lesser-known creations that go under the radar.

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Inspirations Behind Stronghold – Siege Warfare

This week we bring you a brand new episode of Inspirations Behind Stronghold. Delving deep into our historic RTS castle sims Stronghold HD & Stronghold 2: Steam Edition. Aaron illustrates how Firefly Studios incorporated all the menacing titans of Siege Equipment you as the player use in your castle sieges and resolute defences. From the ever popular Trebuchet to the trusted siege ladder, we’ll show you just how these historic besieging tools were used throughout the Medieval age and how we then balanced them in-game. With note to the famous battles they were used in, these tricks of the warring trade are worth knowing. As they informed our design decisions within the Stronghold titles & who knows, could prove as worthy knowledge for any regular Stronghold player.

This is the final episode of our European series of the Inspirations Behind Stronghold. But don’t be saddened, as we plan to produce another full series on fan-favourite Stronghold Crusader & it’s sequel later down the line. So make sure you hit the subscribe button with the notification bell on to be the first to see our Inspirations Behind Stronghold: Crusader premiere later in 2019!

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Stronghold Lunar Sale

Rest in peace Spencer… This week the Firefly Cinematic Universe loses its brightest star as Spencer Steele, salesman of the year comes face to face with a truth even he cannot handle. Follow Spencer’s final journey to his beautiful New York apartment as he plays classic discounted Stronghold titles one last time. Happy Lunar New Year! In case you hadn’t already realised the Stronghold series is currently on sale on Steam. Get up to 90% off Stronghold titles with 50% off the new Steam Edition of Stronghold 2 and a whopping 80% off fan favourite Stronghold Crusader HD.

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Stronghold & Chill – Marketing

Stronghold & Chill is back! Join Aaron as he interviews Marketing Manager Nick Tannahill about what he does at Firefly Studios and the role marketing plays in the development of the Stronghold series and other games at the studio. Joining the company as an intern when Stronghold Kingdoms was on the brink of reaching the heights of Steam’s free-to-play charts, Nick is now the head of marketing at Firefly having worked on every title since 2012. Over the years Nick has put his own stamp on what makes a Stronghold game great.

Stronghold & Chill aims to bring the developers at Firefly Studios and it’s communities closer together, so make sure you’re subscribed to Firefly Studios on YouTube.