Firefly Studios

Content Creator Policy



Firefly has the utmost respect and admiration for anyone who likes our games enough to create video content featuring them. The sheer volume and variety of fan-made content on sites like YouTube, TikTok and other monetised video platforms is a constant source of encouragement for the whole team. We see emails on the rules surrounding the creation of such content on a weekly basis, specifically what content creators are allowed to do with Stronghold and other Firefly Studios-related videos once they are uploaded. To this end we have set out a series of guidelines, which are outlined below:

Monetization – Firefly Studios grants content creators on YouTube permission to run ads on their videos via the YouTube Partner Program. This also applies to similar programs on other video platforms, so long as the content is not locked behind a paywall of any kind.

Non-Commercial – Players are forbidden from charging anyone to view or access Stronghold and other Firefly Studios-related content. This includes other forms of content made using our games, such as game modifications (mods) which may only be used for educational purposes or released for free.

Credit – Please give credit where credit is due! Do not use or publish video content that is not of your own creation without permission from the creator.

If you have further questions about our YouTube and video policy please contact us on Twitter @fireflyworlds.

We can’t wait to see what you make next!