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Month: May 2022

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Unreal 5 Announcement

This new video comes with a series of bombshell announcements that you may have missed! These include a new office, new engine, new acquisition and Nick’s newest (and most desperate) attempt to get his hands on some hardware upgrades.

Following several years and multiple releases of games as well as DLC, Firefly Studios is retiring the Vision Engine in favour of using Epic Games’ latest iteration of the Unreal Engine – UE5. The leap forward in graphical fidelity, the extensive technical support and wealth of industry-leading features will allow us to take core beloved elements of our games and elevate the entire package to new heights. Nevertheless, it will still take some time to fully unlock and engage the potential of this still fresh engine and create the games we all want to experience. Continue reading

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Lore of Stronghold #4

Our latest ‘Lore of Stronghold’ video covers series antagonist and growling fan favourite – The Wolf! The characters and history of Stronghold form the building blocks of our core story and our lore series dives deep into years of backstory for our castle sim. This new series provides fans with two things: A cinematic summary for players who have never played a Stronghold title in their life and a few hidden details for those looking to start their umpteenth playthrough!