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Sun Tzu Update (v1.2)

Today Stronghold: Warlords gets its first major content release with the Sun Tzu v1.2 Update! Adding requested features such as a new AI opponent, AI invasions in Free Build mode, a new Free Build map, general fixes and AI improvements, this update is now available to all players on Steam and GOG.

The introduction of new AI is something we’re excited about and we’re kicking things off with none other than Sun Tzu. The master tactician was an easy choice for us post-launch and, coupled with recent improvements to the AI, one we’re excited to put in the hands of players. Initial testing puts Sun Tzu at the higher end of the difficulty scale, particularly when combined with the newer Extreme difficulty option and other tweaks possible in skirmish mode. So when going up against this fiendish AI remember to move fast and seize control of the battlefield!

The AI focus continues this week with the much anticipated post-release addition of AI invasions in Free Build mode. Allowing players to launch enemy invasions of different shapes and sizes, as well as the difficulty of these attacks and other parameters, invasions open up Free Build mode to the more combat minded players out there. Now not only can you build to your heart’s content in Free Build mode, but also use this time to prepare for war! Balance castle cosmetics with real world tactical considerations and crown yourself as the ultimate castle designer.

Today’s new content update also brings the total number of maps in Warlords to 15 across Skirmish, Multiplayer and Free Build, with a further 300 user-created maps also available via Steam Workshop. In the past few weeks Warlords has gained a brand new map, a rework of an existing large map with increased build space and now a new Free Build map, the first of its type to feature warlords. This increase will continue into the upcoming version 1.3 and beyond, with v1.3 specifically set to include three new maps for use in skirmish mode and multiplayer.

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