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Stronghold: DE – Valley of the Wolf DLC Trailer (Out Now!)

Play the second and final DLC for Stronghold: Definitive Edition, Valley of the Wolf, out now! 

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Snarls! Soon you will see what it means to wage real warfare! That is… In our final instalment of Stronghold: Definitive Edition’s ‘Jewel’ campaign! Valley of the Wolf extends the base Stronghold: DE campaign with new missions and extra achievements. Under the tutelage of the wise Sergeant, finish the fight by rescuing Sir Longarm’s captured kin once and for all as this new DLC is out now for $2.99, €2.99 and £2.49.

This final chapter of ‘The Jewel’ campaign pits players against the greatest rogue of them all… The vicious Wolf! To safely retrieve the Jewel of the North and put an end to The Wolf’s insidious scourge, players must plunge directly into the belly of the beast and bring the fight to his borders. Against great odds in unfamiliar territory, survival alone demands that nothing is held back.

Also out as part of our ‘Spring Update’ is a second castle trail of 10 siege scenarios. This new ‘Noble Trail’ will arrive alongside additional maps for Multiplayer, Free Build and Siege modes, with the exciting (and long overdue!) introduction of our first ever Polish castles to be featured in a Stronghold game.

Malbork, Niedzica and Biskupin will all be found in the new castle trail, while Ogrodzieniec will be playable as a standalone map through Siege mode. We would like to thank our Polish fans who suggested these epic citadels online and in person last year, at events like Gamescom and EGX. Your support for Stronghold: Definitive Edition has been incredible and we hope to bring demos of future Stronghold games to events in Poland. So please keep an eye on our socials for the latest news!

Be sure to check out our full patch notes on Steam. These will include a run down of other minor features, fixes and improvements coming to the game as part of the Spring Update in version 1.3.

Thanks for playing!

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