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Stronghold: DE – What to Expect After Launch

Our final pre-release update for Stronghold: Definitive Edition is a big one… As we reveal our post-release plans for the game!

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We can now commit to two major updates for the game, with a new economic campaign and second castle trail planned alongside new maps and the usual mix of smaller features and fixes. These two updates will release early next year and arrive at the same time as one of two paid DLC military campaigns, which will each cost $2.99, £2.49 or €2.99.

It gives us great pleasure to confirm these today alongside a recap of community driven features added since our most recent public demo, which now include (optional) auto-trading and selectable team colours in all game modes! During our two public demos and player surveys thousands of you told us that post-launch support and paid DLC were both of interest, so we made plans to release these in early 2024.

Featuring a new story designed by series creator Simon Bradbury, our second economic campaign will involve the work of rebuilding a kingdom nearly shattered by the warring exploits of The Rat, Snake, Pig and Wolf. Narrated by OG Stronghold voice actor Jay Simon, you will travel north to restore peace and order to homelands ravaged by the conflict of the military campaigns over the course of seven unique missions as part of our larger Winter Update.

Following on from this our Spring Update will include a second Castle Trail, which will feature a ‘greatest hits’ mix of old and new historical castles to besiege and defend. As with the base game trail we’re looking at including at least 10 historical castles, with Polish strongholds making their long overdue debut.

Each of our two paid DLCs will release with these updates and come in the form of two new military campaigns, each offering 7 military missions. ‘Swine’s Bay’ and ‘Valley of the Wolf’ will feature the return of two popular series antagonists and lead directly on from the 14 missions included in the Definitive Edition base game. You can expect the difficulty to scale up, some formidable new win conditions and a true challenge for series veterans.

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