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Stronghold: DE – Swine’s Bay DLC Trailer (Out Now!)

Play Stronghold: DE’s first major DLC, Swine’s Bay, right now!… 

Blow the horn, bang the drum, the time for the Pig DLC has come! Swine’s Bay extends the base Stronghold: Definitive Edition campaign with seven new missions and extra achievements. Under the tutelage of the wise Sergeant, your quest is to rescue the fabled ‘Jewel of the North’ from the clutches of the villainous Pig.

Hot on the trail of Sir Longarm’s captured kin, continue your heroic journey in a brand new single player campaign. Held captive by the putrid slaver Captain Hogsfoot, one of The Pig’s most notorious allies, players must safely retrieve Longarm’s niece and put an end to the accursed tale of this loathsome captain. Brave daunting new challenges, conquer fresh battlefields and earn the title of medieval battlemaster.

Also available as part of the Stronghold: Definitive Edition’s Winter Update – A new economic campaign, 2 new multiplayer maps, 1 extra free build map, Steam Trading Cards and more! Follow the link before and check out our patch notes for a full run down of these new features, as well as all improvements added to the game in version 1.2.

Winter Update Patch Notes –…

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