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History Behind Warlords (Sun Tzu)

While we finalize our v1.3 update and first DLC ‘The Art of War Campaign’, both coming to Stronghold: Warlords on May 18th, we’re taking some time to dive into the complex history of skirmishes and battles surrounding its protagonist Sun Tzu. So to ensure you’re the most studied strategist out there before loading up the new six mission historical campaign (or diving into our upcoming free map pack) please enjoy this crash course in ancient Chinese history!

Our tale begins with the inception of Wu during the Spring and Autumn period, running all the way through to the epic Battle of Boju. Sun Tzu was not only one of the most fascinating (and controversial!) figures of Chinese warfare, but also the supposed author of a military strategy guide which has survived and enduring through the ages. Our new DLC is based on his operations within the war of states Wu and Chu and related exploits worthy of digital recreation. After all who says you can’t learn some exciting world history alongside optimisations, new maps and quality of life updates for your games?

If you enjoyed today’s video, our updates to the game since launch and would like to suggest future Stronghold content on our YouTube channel please let us know! Post in the comments and we’ll keep all suggestions in mind for video content throughout 2021. For now please enjoy our latest v1.2 content update, look forward to v1.3 on May 18th and more Stronghold: Warlords updates in the coming weeks and months.

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