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Top 5 Community Strongholds

To celebrate the recent release of Stronghold 2: Steam Edition and the game’s new Steam Workshop support we have picked our top five community strongholds! From impenetrable designs and castles plucked from the pages of your favourite fantasy novel to faithful recreations of historic castles and entire cities, the Stronghold community does not disappoint.

For 15 years maps, castles and landscapes have been created in our various map editors that we never thought possible. Players have created entire functioning cities, faithfully recreated battlefields from Game of Thrones, challenged fellow players with near perfect defences and more. Here we collect our picks for the most varied designs, all of which still technically fall into the category of ‘castle’!

Credits to Xetas, SUBINDXSUBIN, Cra, TheLoudOne and SergiuHellDragoonHQ!

1. Medieval Sports Day – By Xetas [Stronghold] 2. Kutolokova City – By SUBINDXSUBIN [Stronghold: Crusader] 3. Minas Tirith – By Cra [Stronghold Legends] 4. Corfe Castle – By TheLoudOne [Stronghold 2] 5. The Siege of Jerusalem – By SergiuHellDragoonHQ [Stronghold Crusader 2]

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