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Ultimate Edition Out Now

We are pleased to announce the release of Stronghold: Warlords Ultimate Edition! Combining the latest version of the game, 10 post-release updates, 4 DLCs and all Special Edition content, Warlords’ Ultimate Edition is the complete package for Stronghold players looking for the most missions, maps and medieval goodness.

Packaging the base game with every DLC and free update, released as part of Warlords’ post-launch roadmap, the Ultimate Edition has it all. Enjoy a whopping 9 historical campaigns, 20 warlords, 8 AI opponents, 28 skirmish maps, 18 units, 10 siege weapons and 45 skirmish missions set across 3 trails! This is in addition to other free updates added since launch such as Extreme Difficulty mode, custom AI invasions in Free Build, increased troop limits and more!

This is in addition to our Special Edition content which includes a feature length making of documentary, full orchestral soundtrack from series composer Robert L. Euvino, a digital art book and bonus copy of Stronghold HD on Steam. Continue reading

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A New Stronghold!

It’s a new year here at Firefly Studios and with it comes fresh releases, projects and updates! We’re kicking off our post-Warlords content here on YouTube with some pretty big news and although we’re light on details for now you can expect much, much more in the coming months (and years) as we dive into our exciting plans for the Stronghold series, Romans: Age of Caesar and more. What plans you ask? Well you’ll just have to carve out seven and a half minutes to watch our ‘Firefly in 2022’ update in full, as we speak as candidly as we can about the future of the Stronghold series and Romans: Age of Caesar, which will be expanding it’s empire onto Steam and mobile platforms this year. Continue reading

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v1.10 Update & Final DLC

Update: While our big v1.10 update and Warrior Queen Campaign DLC will launch as planned on January 25th, the release of Stronghold: Warlords’ Ultimate Edition has now been delayed to February 14th. We apologise for this delay but hope you enjoy the free content and DLC campaign, both still releasing next week!

On Tuesday January 25th 2022 we’ll be releasing our final set of Stronghold: Warlords content – A massive v1.10 update and the Fu Hao Campaign DLC, followed by a new bundle in the form of Warlords’ Ultimate Edition!

Available next week v1.10 will be a free update for all owners of the game, while the Fu Hao Campaign DLC will be available to purchase alongside the upcoming Ultimate Edition, the best option for players who don’t yet own Warlords and want all the DLC.

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Lore of Stronghold #1

The Lore of Stronghold video series will cover the history, stories and characters that make up the Stronghold world. Delving deep into the annals of design and writing which shape the narrative of our games. Intending to give both a cinematic summary for players who have never played a Stronghold title, while also unveiling hidden details for players who are looking to start their umpteenth playthrough!

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Firefly Devs React 2

Today we continue our ‘Devs React‘ series with a second reaction-filled episode! This time our veteran Lead Designer Simon Bradbury looks back, using gameplay from the final mission of Stronghold HD to reflect on his history in game dev and how gamers play our titles today. We then examine a few more strategy classics – modern or otherwise – comparing titles in the strategy scene from some of the biggest studios around.

So join us as we delve into the science fiction world of Blizzard’s StarCraft 2, Relic’s recent continuation of a fan favourite franchise in Age of Empires 4 and the bespoke gameplay experience of Total War Medieval. All of which have inspired both Firefly itself and the strategy scene as a whole, to evolve, grow and reach new players.

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Yoritomo AI Update

We have just released our new v1.9 update for Stronghold: Warlords, which includes the Minamoto no Yoritomo AI opponent, extra achievements, new maps and an increased total troop limit in offline skirmish mode of up to 1,000 units!

This free update has been released alongside the launch of our Rise of the Shogun Campaign DLC, which adds six missions and two warlords to the Stronghold: Warlords base game. Both the update and DLC are now available on Steam and GOG, with a 10% launch week discount for Rise of the Shogun.

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Autumn & Winter Roadmap

It’s finally here! Our Autumn and Winter content roadmap for Stronghold: Warlords has been revealed and with it new AI lords, maps, fixes, optimisations, skirmish trail missions and warlords. As with our previous two content roadmaps, today’s reveal shows the updates you can look forward to in the coming months and the general order in which you can expect them. That is of course with the news that we’ll be turning our eye to the future of Stronghold, after our final Warlords update has been released. Continue reading

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Warlords’ Halloween Update!

Complete a new time-limited Halloween survival mission! Available until November 2nd 2021, players must defend their castle from increasingly difficult waves of mythical AI invasion. After this date the mission will disappear… However both the Jiangshi and Terracotta Warriors will remain available as selectable AI Invasions in Free Build mode, making them permanent additions to the Stronghold: Warlords base game.

Inspired by tales from the crypt, Chinese folklore and history, our new Halloween update is now live! Erect your defences and prepare for a supernatural slaughter, as you brave our terrifying new mission and fresh enemy units in the form of the Jiangshi and Terracotta Warrior. Customise your castle and ready your army for magic and malice unseen since the days of Stronghold Legends! Warlords now features a time limited challenge in the form of our new survival mission featuring new enemy units, with these horrors permanently added to the game’s Free Build mode as spooky AI invasions. Continue reading

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Romans: AoC – The Centurion!

Romans: Age of Caesar returns this week with one of our more adventurous ideas… The Centurion Drinking Challenge! Watch as Programmer Nikolay attempts to drink 100 shots of Guinness as he talks about all the things he likes about our new co-op city builder Romans: Age of Caesar, which is out now in Open Beta!

As Nikolay wolfs down his shots of Irish elixir, you learn about everything there is to know about Romans. From the co-op city building to the robust Senate system, you’ll be treated to a range of exciting aspects of the gameplay featured in our new MMO RTS, whilst also seeing Nikolay enjoy his favourite alcoholic drink! What’s not too like.

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New Skirmish Trail Update

We have just released Stronghold: Warlords version 1.7! Out now on Steam and GOG, our second Skirmish Trail Update introduces 15 additional Skirmish Trail missions, a new unit on the form of the fiery Thunderbomb Thrower, the powerful Wolf Warlord and three multiplayer map remakes inspired by your comments and the original Stronghold: Crusader.

Our second skirmish trail was designed with player feedback in mind. We have increased the challenge and total mission count, while still providing multiple difficulty settings and of course the legendary chicken, which combined should allow all players to see it through. These new Trail missions feature all added Stronghold: Warlords content to date, including 2 new AI opponents, new warlords, units and maps. We hope you enjoy the new trail and let us know what you think, either in the comments below or on Discord, to help inform the design of future skirmish content.

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