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v1.10 Update & Final DLC

Update: While our big v1.10 update and Warrior Queen Campaign DLC will launch as planned on January 25th, the release of Stronghold: Warlords’ Ultimate Edition has now been delayed to February 14th. We apologise for this delay but hope you enjoy the free content and DLC campaign, both still releasing next week!

On Tuesday January 25th 2022 we’ll be releasing our final set of Stronghold: Warlords content – A massive v1.10 update and the Fu Hao Campaign DLC, followed by a new bundle in the form of Warlords’ Ultimate Edition!

Available next week v1.10 will be a free update for all owners of the game, while the Fu Hao Campaign DLC will be available to purchase alongside the upcoming Ultimate Edition, the best option for players who don’t yet own Warlords and want all the DLC.

Fu Hao AI Opponent (v1.10)

High priestess and military general Fu Hao is our final addition to the roster of AI opponents available in Stronghold: Warlords. Mixing auxiliary class troops such as Archers and Axemen, with the heavier likes of Imperial Cavalry, Crossbowmen and Guardsmen, Fu Hao comes out swinging with a strong well-rounded army that is effective in both the early and late game.

Trail of the Tyrant (v1.10)

Skirmish Trails have been a popular post-launch feature for Warlords, where many spend their time outside the main campaign and custom skirmish, so it simply wouldn’t be a final update without the addition of our longest skirmish trail yet! To that end we’re adding an epic 20 mission odyssey across 12 maps, including all 8 AI lords and each of the 12 warlords available in our upcoming version 1.10.

New Map Pack & Warlord (v1.10)

It wouldn’t be a content update without an all-new map pack and v1.10 is no different, with three unique maps bringing the total number of skirmish battleground to a whopping 28. That’s in addition to 4 Free Build and 500 community maps available via Steam Workshop. Version 1.10 will also add a new free warlord in the form of the Lion Warlord, in addition to the release of two paid warlords (Eagle and Dog) made available as part of the Warrior Queen Campaign DLC.

The Warrior Queen Campaign (DLC)

Chronicling 15 years of ancient Chinese history, The Warrior Queen Campaign brings to life a legendary commander and pivotal force in history. From counter attacks and all out assaults against the invading Tu-Fang tribe, to the Qiang Fang presence in the north and countless other adversaries, this new campaign attempts to capture the full breadth and grandeur of Fu Hao’s achievements on the battlefield. Expect six challenging missions putting everything you’ve learnt so far to the test, including new gameplay twists such as the addition of the powerful Eagle and Dog Warlords. Step into the role of one of the most powerful and impactful military leaders history has to offer.

What’s Next?

With the January 25th release of Fu Hao, our final map pack, Lion Warlord, third skirmish trail, final DLC and the Ultimate Edition, Stronghold: Warlords will soon be content complete. We hope you’ve enjoyed playing our monthly post-release updates, get a blast out of v1.10 and look forward to the future of the Stronghold series!

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