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New Skirmish Trail Update

We have just released Stronghold: Warlords version 1.7! Out now on Steam and GOG, our second Skirmish Trail Update introduces 15 additional Skirmish Trail missions, a new unit on the form of the fiery Thunderbomb Thrower, the powerful Wolf Warlord and three multiplayer map remakes inspired by your comments and the original Stronghold: Crusader.

Our second skirmish trail was designed with player feedback in mind. We have increased the challenge and total mission count, while still providing multiple difficulty settings and of course the legendary chicken, which combined should allow all players to see it through. These new Trail missions feature all added Stronghold: Warlords content to date, including 2 new AI opponents, new warlords, units and maps. We hope you enjoy the new trail and let us know what you think, either in the comments below or on Discord, to help inform the design of future skirmish content.

In addition to our titular trail content, version 1.7 also introduces a new unit and warlord in the form of the Thunderbomb Thrower and Wolf Warlord. The former is an explosive new addition to Warlords’ roster of soldiers, allowing you to rain hellfire down on your opponent’s armies and indeed economy. Our new warlord meanwhile can significantly boost your overall attacking power and siege capabilities, with various uses through his Edicts and Perk that make the Wolf a valued ally in the early, mid and late game.

Today’s new map pack was very much player-led, with each of the three new maps being a remake of a Stronghold: Crusader multiplayer map, selected by you right here in the comments on YouTube. So shout out to Cheesecake Productions, Chimbambu and HommeDesBois! Thanks to your suggestions we were inspired to remake Tyre, The River and Border Patrol within Stronghold: Warlords. Enjoy!

As detailed in today’s video, with the release of our second Skirmish Trail Update and version 1.7 we are nearing the end of our Summer/Autumn content roadmap, with just one more mystery update planned. But worry not! More updates are on the way and we’ll be revealing this in due course right here on YouTube and on the official Stronghold Discord. So if you aren’t subscribed be sure to do that right now with notifications turned on and you’ll be the first to hear about our future Warlords plans.

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