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Autumn & Winter Roadmap

It’s finally here! Our Autumn and Winter content roadmap for Stronghold: Warlords has been revealed and with it new AI lords, maps, fixes, optimisations, skirmish trail missions and warlords. As with our previous two content roadmaps, today’s reveal shows the updates you can look forward to in the coming months and the general order in which you can expect them. That is of course with the news that we’ll be turning our eye to the future of Stronghold, after our final Warlords update has been released.

During development and in the year post-release we’ve made a number of improvements and adjustments to Warlords, working with the community to launch and iterate on our latest castle sim. While we have many exciting ideas and ambitions for the future of the series (more on that as it happens), we still have plenty of dry gunpowder when it comes to new Warlords updates. So for our final roadmap we’re doubling down on our most popular post-release content. This includes new AI opponents, further increasing our map count and more single player content in the form of our longest Skirmish Trail yet! There are a few other community-requested features on the horizon, however we’ll keep those as a surprise…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our eight updates so far and look forward to our remaining plans for Warlords development in the Autumn and Winter period. There is an exciting future ahead for Stronghold and we can’t wait to share our plans, for now however please enjoy these new updates!

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