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Warlords’ Halloween Update!

Complete a new time-limited Halloween survival mission! Available until November 2nd 2021, players must defend their castle from increasingly difficult waves of mythical AI invasion. After this date the mission will disappear… However both the Jiangshi and Terracotta Warriors will remain available as selectable AI Invasions in Free Build mode, making them permanent additions to the Stronghold: Warlords base game.

Inspired by tales from the crypt, Chinese folklore and history, our new Halloween update is now live! Erect your defences and prepare for a supernatural slaughter, as you brave our terrifying new mission and fresh enemy units in the form of the Jiangshi and Terracotta Warrior. Customise your castle and ready your army for magic and malice unseen since the days of Stronghold Legends! Warlords now features a time limited challenge in the form of our new survival mission featuring new enemy units, with these horrors permanently added to the game’s Free Build mode as spooky AI invasions.

The name of the game in our new mission is survival, as you’re pitted against a relentless onslaught of castle invasions and new foes that are almost certainly not of this world. Use Peace Time wisely as you outfit your defences for the days to come… With the knowledge that each foe is an opposite side of the same supernatural coin. A weakness to one could be a strength to the other. So experiment with fire, fury, steel and diseased animal carcasses as you pinpoint their vulnerabilities to hold back the hordes of undead!

Whatever you do, never underestimate a single Jiangshi. For although they may be isolated from the pack, they are ever as deadly…

We hope you enjoy today’s update and are as excited as we are about this otherworldly content addition! The team thoroughly enjoyed researching and designing these spooky spectres, bringing them to life in Stronghold: Warlords in our biggest Halloween update yet. Please enjoy and look forward to more Warlords updates in the Autumn and Winter months, with a full content roadmap reveal coming in November.

Happy Halloween and Happy Jiangshi Hunting!

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