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Stronghold: DE – Dev Diary (Multiplayer & Workshop)

Having discussed both art and design over the past few weeks, it’s time to talk Steam multiplayer, Workshop and the other improvements coming to your favourite game modes.

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This week we round off our trio of behind-the-scenes developer diaries by interviewing production experts Paul and Dave! What to expect from Workshop support, more details on multiplayer in DE and planned improvements to Free Build mode are all touched on, with even more insight into the development process of this unique game.

Making Stronghold more accessible has always been a key goal of the Definitive Edition and bringing our amazing multiplayer community – as well as the awesome maps they’ve created over the course of two decades – front and centre within Steam is how we’re hoping to accomplish that. Thousands of fan creations can soon exist within Steam Workshop and be easily accessible for future generations of Stronghold players, with an improved set of multiplayer options to support years of continued play.

Add to this a few choice improvements to Free Build – everyone’s favourite cozy game mode – and you have plenty to look forward to come release. Speaking of which… It’s not long now! There is less than two weeks to go before launch and more video updates coming. So stay tuned for the latest on Stronghold: Definitive Edition.

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