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Stronghold: DE – New Campaign Trailer

Get the first look at the new narrative campaign in Stronghold DE. With over 150,000 wishlists and a playable demo currently available on Steam, Stronghold: Definitive Edition is the highly anticipated remaster of our original BAFTA-nominated real-time strategy game.

Wishlist Now! –…

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Stronghold: Definitive Edition Reveal!

Greetings sire! Your stronghold awaits you. The original Stronghold reached its 20th anniversary recently and to celebrate we are thrilled to announce Stronghold: Definitive Edition! Carefully rebuilt using the source artwork, remastered music, returning voice talent and veteran developers of the first entry in this legendary series, Stronghold: Definitive Edition releases on November 7th for PC on Steam. Wishlist Strongold: Definitive Edition now!
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Stronghold: Warlords Extended OST Interview (ft. Robert L. Euvino!)

Relive history with a remastered and completely reimagined album from the legendary Stronghold ‘castle sim’ series, available now on Steam! This extended soundtrack features original music courtesy of Stronghold series composer Robert L. Euvino. Get the Extended Soundtrack Here

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Our Plans for 2023… (Stronghold: Unreal & Final Warlords Update)

As part of Steam strategy event TactiCon, we have just released a surprise free update for Stronghold: Warlords! Play for keeps in a new 12 mission skirmish trail campaign and additional multiplayer maps. In even more exciting news, it gives us great pleasure to provide a short production update on our next Stronghold game, currently in development using Unreal Engine 5! Continue reading

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Lore of Stronghold #7

We return to the world of Stronghold 2, with the third and final chapter in Season 2 of our Lore of Stronghold series! Examining the life, feats and dealings of the fair Lady Seren, today’s video explores a woman whose hunger for knowledge and plethora of skills transform her into a force to be reckoned with – Particularly for a kingdom in peril…
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15 Years of Stronghold

It seems like only yesterday that The Boy, aided by his faithful counsellor Sir Longarm, rose up against The Wolf and his evil henchmen. A decade and a half has now passed since Stronghold was first released in stores and since then we have besieged both famous and fictional castles together in medieval Europe, the Crusades-era Middle East and Arthurian kingdoms.

We’re currently hard at work on what comes next for the saga. Namely bringing the series to mobile this year, remastering another old favourite for Steam in the form of Stronghold 2 in 2017 and of course the next main instalment in the series. However we just wanted to take a moment out to say…


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Humble Jumbo Bundle 7

Pay what you want or beat the average and get more than seven awesome titles in the latest Humble Bundle!

Firefly have joined forces with our friends at Humble to bring you Stronghold Crusader 2 (and many other excellent games) at their lowest ever price! It’s completely up to you how much you pay and where your money goes. You can send it all to the hard working developers, awesome charities or all-around great human beings at Humble as a tip for their great work. The important thing here is that YOU can get CHEAP VIDEOGAMES.

The Bundle ends in two weeks. So don’t miss out!

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Kingdoms Mobile Gameplay

Excited about playing Stronghold Kingdoms on iOS and Android? Then watch our first ever gameplay trailer and pre-register for free cards!

Ever since announcing our plans to redesign Stronghold Kingdoms for mobile devices you have been asking to see the game. Now that we’re entering the final stages of development it’s time for us to reveal all! In the run up to Gamescom Lords and Ladies have flooded our inbox with requests for updates on the project, so today it makes us very happy to reveal the first in a series of Q&As, trailers and development updates!

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