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Stronghold: DE – Dev Diary (Design & Production)

Join Stronghold design and production veterans Simon and Paul as they provide insight into the creation of our latest game from their unique perspectives at the head of the company.

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In our second Stronghold: Definitive Edition developer diary we discuss the genesis of the game, while also delving into some of the changes made as part of this new edition. 

We discuss the aims of Stronghold: DE and goals for everything from the brand new single player content, all the way down to the smallest quality of life enhancements. Starting with the initial project pitch, then leading to questions of the scale of changes and finer elements like the actual difficulty of the new content, the road to release has been carefully considered.

So it gives us great pleasure to confirm some of these changes and also some entirely new ones too! In response to player feedback we have increased troop and building limits across all game modes, allowing for up to 3000 units and 2000 buildings at a time. By doubling these limits from the original game, we hope to provide you with more epic Stronghold sieges than ever before!

Stay tuned for more updates between now and release as we process all that wonderful feedback and incorporate as many changes as we can before launch. Thank you once again for your continued support and we hope you join us on November 7th by wishlisting the game on Steam!

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