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Stronghold Showcase – Game of Thrones Edition

This week we celebrate the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere with a special edition of the Stronghold Showcase. Spanning two decades of Stronghold, from Stronghold HD to Crusader 2, we explore five different recreations of (in)famous Westeros castles and keeps. So if you’ve ever desired to defend The Wall against a horde of Wildlings, or simply looking to conquer the entirety of the continent to seat yourself on the Iron Throne, we’ve got you covered in this Game of Thrones edition of the Stronghold Showcase.Do you have a multiplayer battlefield, siege scenario or cosmetic map you think deserves to be in a future episode? Comment and let us know! We’re constantly on the lookout for cool fan-created content and love spotlighting lesser-known creations that go under the radar.

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