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Stronghold & Chill – Production

We’re back again with yet another Firefly developer interview in this brand new episode of Stronghold & Chill! Senior Producer Paul Harris boasts a whopping 15 years of game development experience, many of which were put under his belt here at Firefly Studios. Having managed teams across a wide array of disciplines from the original release of Stronghold 2 all the way through to Stronghold Next, Paul draws upon his abundant experience and production expertise answering questions about video game production in 2018.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series Stronghold & Chill brings the developers at Firefly Studios closer to the Stronghold community by giving career advice, recalling development anecdotes and gushing about their favorite games of all time! So make sure you’re subscribed to Firefly Studios on YouTube to catch brand new episodes with our other developers.

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