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Stronghold: Warlords Extended OST Interview (ft. Robert L. Euvino!)

Relive history with a remastered and completely reimagined album from the legendary Stronghold ‘castle sim’ series, available now on Steam! This extended soundtrack features original music courtesy of Stronghold series composer Robert L. Euvino. Get the Extended Soundtrack Here

This pristinely recorded volume of East Asian influenced work contains many full length, never-before heard instrumental pieces not included as part of the game’s initial launch. More than twice the length of the original soundtrack, Stronghold: Warlords – OST Extended contains two unique iterations: an unembellished version with the music only in its purest form, and a second rendering, referred to as the Tao version, which completely re-contextualizes the material through additional sound design and voice over of select readings from the Tao Te Ching.

The extended soundtrack is a treat for those with an interest in Eastern philosophies, as well as for anyone who appreciates meditative soundscapes. For both versions, high quality uncompressed 24-bit FLAC files as well as smaller, lightweight MP3s are provided to allow listeners to perfectly tailor their own playlists.

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