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Stronghold Showcase – Episode 8

This week we return to our fan-favourite series Stronghold Showcase. Firefly’s very own Aaron Hayden takes you through five different sieges, scenarios and battlefields across our legacy titles from Stronghold HD to Stronghold Crusader 2. This small selection of community maps is intended to give you some fresh options in your multiplayer and single player sessions.

Travel to Ancient Greece in ‘300 Spartans’, Slovakia in our very first Eastern European community-made castle ‘Spis Castle’ or even Australia where everything is trying to kill you, Lords and wildlife alike!

To install the maps on the Steam Workshop pages, simply press the ‘subscribe’ button and it should appear in-game next time you load up. As for the Stronghold Heaven and Nation maps:

  1. Download them using the webpages
  2. Access your Stronghold map folders (HD, Crusader & 2) – usually found in ‘My Documents’
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded map files for each game into the corresponding map folders
  4. Load up the game and they should be there!

Remember, if you have any maps yourself, or know of any knockout sieges or battlefields that you’d like featured on the Showcase. Leave a comment below with a link!

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