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Inspirations Behind Stronghold – Siege Warfare

This week we bring you a brand new episode of Inspirations Behind Stronghold. Delving deep into our historic RTS castle sims Stronghold HD & Stronghold 2: Steam Edition. Aaron illustrates how Firefly Studios incorporated all the menacing titans of Siege Equipment you as the player use in your castle sieges and resolute defences. From the ever popular Trebuchet to the trusted siege ladder, we’ll show you just how these historic besieging tools were used throughout the Medieval age and how we then balanced them in-game. With note to the famous battles they were used in, these tricks of the warring trade are worth knowing. As they informed our design decisions within the Stronghold titles & who knows, could prove as worthy knowledge for any regular Stronghold player.

This is the final episode of our European series of the Inspirations Behind Stronghold. But don’t be saddened, as we plan to produce another full series on fan-favourite Stronghold Crusader & it’s sequel later down the line. So make sure you hit the subscribe button with the notification bell on to be the first to see our Inspirations Behind Stronghold: Crusader premiere later in 2019!

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