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Stronghold: Definitive Edition Reveal!

Greetings sire! Your stronghold awaits you. The original Stronghold reached its 20th anniversary recently and to celebrate we are thrilled to announce Stronghold: Definitive Edition! Carefully rebuilt using the source artwork, remastered music, returning voice talent and veteran developers of the first entry in this legendary series, Stronghold: Definitive Edition releases on November 7th for PC on Steam. Wishlist Strongold: Definitive Edition now!

Stronghold: Definitive Edition invites players to relive the glory of the original BAFTA-nominated game remade with new visuals, missions and siege scenarios. This latest entry in the ‘castle sim’ series features the original game’s classic military and economic campaigns, together with an entirely new 14 mission narrative campaign. This is alongside extra single player content in the form of a 10 mission ‘Castle Trail’, which sees players either defend or besiege historical castles such as Warwick, Dunnottar and Marksburg.

In addition to a host of technical enhancements and player-requested quality of life improvements, Stronghold: Definitive Edition will allow fans old and new to customise their experience with individual settings for many of their preferred game features and controls. Beyond this and fresh single player content, players will also weave new gallant tales of victory by picking a fight online with full Steam multiplayer support. Alternatively designing their own fiendishly challenging maps via Steam Workshop or downloading hundreds of player creations made during the game’s rich 20 year legacy.

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