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A New Game Reveal!

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s time for a new game reveal! Well, almost…

That’s right, we have a brand NEW project revealing next week on Thursday July 13th right here on Firefly Studios’ YouTube. It is not Stronghold: Unreal but it is something incredibly cool that we’re passionate about and we know you will be too 🙂

Earlier this year at GDC we gave our industry friends a sneak peek at this project and everyone shared our excitement for the new game. In today’s first development update since September 2022 (!) we drop a few cryptic nuggets of info about this project, created by a second internal team, as well as the future of games here at Firefly.

Speaking of future plans… Now that we have this project and others further along our development pipeline, you can expect us to be much more active when it comes to new videos! We are still very much hard at work on Stronghold: Unreal and waiting until we have something to show that we are super proud of. That said we are confident next week’s reveal will scratch that new game itch and we’ll be following up with plenty more here on YouTube. For now sit back, enjoy this tasty morsel of info and return next week for the game’s full reveal trailer!

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