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Game Overview & Demo Release!

Want more big news? We have just released an updated version of our first playable Stronghold: Definitive Edition demo, available right now on our Steam store page!

Previously shared with press and folk here on YouTube as part of our DE reveal, this Alpha build demo contains new visuals, controls options, missions 4 and 11 from the original game’s military campaign and a full tutorial for new players. We are releasing this to gather as much feedback as possible ahead of launch, with the demo remaining available for three weeks, until August 29th.

After playing either mission 4 or 11 you will find a large Feedback button, nestled within our spiffy new DE main menu. Hit that, fill out our Google survey and let us know what you think! We are dedicated to making every improvement possible between now and launch, which we can only do with your detailed feedback. We’ve already had a huge amount of positive suggestions and input across our Discord and wider social media, however there’s always room for more!

The eagle eyed among you may also notice that we have already implemented certain changes based on your feedback from the reveal last month. Unit animations, buildings and characters have been improved, with many other changes coming based on both your suggestions and of course our own existing plans for the game. We hope you enjoy the Alpha demo and look forward to more exciting Stronghold: Definitive Edition updates in the coming weeks!

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