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New Romans: AoC Dev Diary

We’re back with the second instalment in our Romans: Age of Caesar alpha road map series! Today Natasha and Ben once again join forces to bring you details of the latest exciting update, the political senate endgame. This is an early look at gameplay from our upcoming co-op city builder, currently in alpha and scheduled to launch in 2021. This is just one of many future updates coming to the alpha test, as we build out core features and prepare for a full launch next year. We note important community feedback daily and try to implement it if possible, so if you’d like to help us make Romans: Age of Caesar the best game it can be just go to PlayRomans and sign up today!

A place where shrewd deals and cunning plots are orchestrated, with the ultimate goal of becoming emperor, the senate has everything from back alley backstabbery to hopeful prayers to the Roman gods. The senate endgame is where our most dedicated players will operate, vying for the favour of the gods and backing of their co-conspirators as they try to gain the upper hand over their political and economic rivals. Working alone or with allies, players will be tempted to depose those in powerful positions above them in search of gaining increasing power within the senate and thus the world around them.

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