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Romans Dev Diary

Today we’re releasing new footage and details for the Senate ‘end game’ in our upcoming co-op city builder, Romans: Age of Caesar. Coming to PC and mobile platforms in 2021, Romans takes the classic isometric city builder gameplay you know and love online. Rebuild and customise each Roman city with 15 other players, before exploring the rest of the game world with thousands of other players!

In Romans: Age of Caesar players trade rare goods from faraway lands, expand their territory city by city and hold back barbarian invasions from the fringes of the empire. In our latest dev diary for the game we take a look at players’ ability to eventually rise up in the Roman senate political end game.

Manoeuvring between different loyalties, positions and indeed gods, players will have to remain politically nimble to succeed in their final quest for power. While becoming Caesar is the ultimate goal there will be plenty of gains to be made along the way, with some players intentionally holding off on achieving ultimate power until the timing is right and their enemies are distracted…

This is just one of many future updates coming to the Romans: Age of Caesar alpha test, as we build out core features and prepare for a full launch in 2021. We note important community feedback daily and try to implement it if possible, so if you’d like to help us make Romans: Age of Caesar the best game it can be please follow the link above and sign up today!

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