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Romans Combat Update

We’ve just launched Combat 2.0, a brand new update for our co-op city builder Romans: Age of Caesar! This new update not only adds exciting and unique tactical powers, but also a completely redesigned Empire Map to secure make your impending domination over nearby lands. With key game revisions and balances added to the mix, Romans: Age of Caesar is growing into a thrilling multiplayer adventure spanning ancient Rome and beyond.

Watch as Natasha and Ben delve into exactly what this major new update brings to our alpha players, allowing alliances to survey their lands, trade routes and military advances more effectively than ever. On the barbarian battlefields they also discuss our brand new Troop Deployment System as well as Sabotage, an intriguing tactical power now available for your sieges and skirmishes. Both open up a curious range of unique ways to battle and will be a breath of fresh air for veteran Romans testers.

Combat 2.0 is just one of our planned updates coming to Romans: Age of Caesar over the course of the alpha. Every day we take on important community feedback and implement changes wherever we can, so if you’d like to help us make Romans: Age of Caesar the best city builder it can be then sign up today!

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