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Lore of Stronghold #5

Season 2 of ‘The Lore of Stronghold’ is upon us! Join Firefly Studios veteran and series narrator Matt, as we delve into the privileged upbringing and tumultuous medieval adulthood of Stronghold 2 protagonist Sir William. The fan-favourite “Noble Lord” is in the lore spotlight this week, with a deep dive of William’s tribulations and epic redemption, proving himself worthy of knighthood and understanding the price of true chivalry. Stronghold 2 introduced a greater level of graphical fidelity to the Stronghold series, but also a larger focus on cinematics and story driven gameplay. The game itself and its ‘Path of War’ campaign was a much greater ask than the first Stronghold, with player choice and a greater persistence between missions. The scope and ambition here was fresh for the franchise and something that still inspires us today. So join us as we revisit beloved characters and the many other fine details that make up the DNA of the original ‘castle sim’.

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