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New Roadmap & Update

Today we release our latest update for Stronghold: Warlords, alongside the reveal of our next content roadmap of updates covering the summer and autumn period! Now available on Steam and GOG, version 1.5 introduces a host of bug fixes and general improvements requested by players, while the reveal of our Summer/Autumn roadmap details our plans over the next few months.

Having now completed our Spring/Summer content roadmap, which added many requested features and improvements to the core Warlords experience, it’s time to move onto our second phase of post-launch development. Our first content roadmap addressed feedback received at launch, which was tracked and discussed internally before its reveal. This included frequent requests for new AI opponents, but also changes to AI behaviour and other fixes and improvements that were obvious low hanging fruit in the early days post launch. We built on this soon after with features planned long before launch that we knew would be popular, such as the addition of Free Build AI Invasions, our first Skirmish Trail, new warlords, the Samurai Lancer unit and more.

As we moved into our second planned phase of content we decided to kick this off with a general fixes and improvements update, sticking largely to bug fixes while also looking at other tweaks that could be made in the time available to us after v1.4. Now that this update is out in the wild, we can turn our focus back to new content, one of the most common requests from players post launch, along with continuing background work on optimisations. When it comes to content we’ll continue to grow the AI roster with the addition of Kublai Khan, while also adding new maps, a second skirmish trail, new Wolf warlord, Thunderbomb Thrower unit, a classic Stronghold map pack and other unannounced additions.

We hope this next stage of content for Stronghold: Warlords sounds exciting and brings Warlords more in line with your hopes for the game post-release. As a studio we are committed to building out the game adding extra features, tweaks and polish expected of such a long running and beloved series. Everyone at the studio would like to thank you for your continued interest in and passion for the series which will continue to improve on, building on your feedback in both Warlords and future Stronghold titles. Thanks for playing!

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