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Skirmish Trail Update!

We have just released version 1.4 of Stronghold: Warlords, available now on Steam and GOG! The Skirmish Trail Update introduces the game’s first ‘skirmish trail’, a series of challenging missions with unique conditions to overcome and achieve victory. Other features added in the update include a new mounted soldier, two additional AI warlords, the return of a popular building for healing units and two extra multiplayer maps.

A classic mode introduced in the original Stronghold: Crusader, skirmish trails invite experienced players to display their mastery over Stronghold’s economic gameplay and RTS combat. Each trail mission pits player lords against a unique combination of AI opponents, recruitable warlords, resources, starting goods and teammates across a combination of new and existing maps. Choosing between ‘Standard’ and ‘Challenging’ difficulties, the classic ‘Chicken’ feature can also be used to skip missions players find too difficult.

The mounted Samurai Lancer marks Warlords’ first post-release unit, boosting the game’s launch roster of 16 soldiers and 10 siege weapons. With the ability to buff attack damage for all nearby mounted allies, the Samurai Lancer is a powerful new Japanese unit type. Armed with a piercing lance and clad in samurai armor, the Lancers are based on the Onna-musha female warriors of pre-modern Japan. Highly-skilled horsewomen as fast as Auxiliary Cavalry, but with an attacking strength comparable to their Imperial brethren, the Samurai Lancer provides support for other mounted units while also packing a punch of their own.

A common request pre-release and one built into Warlords’ content roadmap from an early stage, the ability to heal units is now available in the new Field Hospital structure. A unique building that can be placed by any Beetle Warlord under your control, the Field Hospital heals all allied troops standing within its area of effect. Upgrading the Beetle Warlord will also increase the amount of healing given to troops over time, making this Edict even more effective at protecting defensive troops or those stationed in preparation for a siege.

The Beetle and Bear Warlords are the first of several new warlords being added to the game in 2021. In addition to the aforementioned Field Hospital, the Beetle Warlord is a master of defence, giving players access to cheaper castle traps and shipments of armour. The Bear Warlord meanwhile is all about strength in numbers, improving the buff radius of Imperial Bannermen and making Imperial troops more affordable. The Bear is also effective for feeding your population and can even launch siege attacks of his own!

Finally both the Ascendance and Guarded Crossings maps are now available for use in skirmish mode and online multiplayer. Ascendance is a large four player map that proves some lords are more equal than others, giving each a chance to secure the high ground and claim victory. Meanwhile Guarded Crossings sees the northern player benefit from a large build area, but without access to the valuable warlords their rivals will be hotly contesting.

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