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Storms and Flooding!

We’re spotlighting Stronghold: Warlords‘ economic campaign segment with 20 minutes of fresh gameplay footage! Featuring new developer commentary and insight from Senior Programmer Matt Smith and marketing lead Nick Tannahill, this new developer diary features plenty of classic Stronghold gameplay in our new setting.

From medieval events and the distinct possibility of fire… To new changing weather conditions and map hazards, Stronghold: Warlords’ ‘Path of Peace’ campaign will give you plenty to think about while growing your castle economy.

Following The Scribe, Warlords’ economic-centric missions will test your city builder and sim skills as you’re tasked with gathering resources, growing your population and fulfilling unique objectives as you fight against the clock (or in this case – tiger attacks).

Today’s dev diary also features new community driven improvements such as UI scaling, wandering priests and other examples of that ever important ‘wuselfaktor’. This new beta build should be taken as a sign of more improvements to come before Stronghold: Warlords launches on March 9th 2021. We value your feedback hugely, so please keep it coming as we endeavour to make as many improvements as possible between now and launch!

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