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The Making of Stronghold 2

Ever wondered what it was like for the original Stronghold 2 developers to produce a highly anticipated sequel to the original castle sim? Then watch our new ‘Making Of’ feature and find out exactly what it was like, straight from our two most senior members in the London office. Designer Simon Bradbury and Producer Paul Harris, both of whom worked on the original release of Stronghold 2 in 2005, discuss custom engines, new features and working with one of the biggest publishers in the world!

Take a trip down memory lane with two key members of the original development team, as we prepare for the upcoming release of Stronghold 2: Steam Edition. Why a 3D sequel was made, the technical challenges of the ‘Dragonfly’ custom engine, differences found working under a big publisher and details of the new Steam Edition are just a few of the topics discussed.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this longer-style interview and we might give other games the same treatment!

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