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Stronghold 2 – Top 5 Custom Maps

Coming soon to Steam as a free update for all existing owners of the Stronghold Collection, Stronghold 2: Steam Edition will be released with full Workshop support. To celebrate the free update and new Steam features, ranging from new maps and achievements to restored multiplayer, we decided to plunder the archives of legendary Stronghold fansite StrongholdHeaven and present our top five player-created maps!

The most hardcore Stronghold players all have hundreds if not thousands of hours logged into our games, so who better to create the best custom maps! Credits to Aedile, Ellessar, Sir_Vet, Brave Sir Robin and Stratego for their thoughtfully designed scenarios, many of which come complete with their own backstory. Can’t wait for the release of Stronghold 2: Steam Edition? Then load up the old version and try one of these excellent player maps right away! Don’t forget Stronghold 2: Steam Edition will also come with an all-new map pack, designed by the folks here at Firefly.

Download our top 5 custom maps:

1. Aedile’s Ordeal
2. Flooded Valleys
3. Take Over
4. Craggy Island
5. Odin’s Footprint

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