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Stronghold: DE – New Campaign Trailer

Get the first look at the new narrative campaign in Stronghold DE. With over 150,000 wishlists and a playable demo currently available on Steam, Stronghold: Definitive Edition is the highly anticipated remaster of our original BAFTA-nominated real-time strategy game.

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Including remade visuals, Steam multiplayer, a new 14 mission campaign, 10 mission Castle Trail, Workshop support, quality of life improvements, modernised gameplay and more, this is our ultimate version of the original ‘castle sim’. Carefully rebuilt using the source artwork, music, returning voice talent, veteran developers and beloved composer of the first entry in the series, this new definitive edition rebuilds the foundations of Stronghold.

Today’s campaign reveal gives you a first look at parts one and two of The Jewel Campaign, in which players march across the devastated English hinterland in search of Sir Longarm’s captured kin. A side story running in parallel to the military campaign released in 2001, The Jewel Campaign is designed to challenge veteran players of the 20 year old series and also extend the story of the original game. Handcrafted by Firefly co-founders Simon Bradbury and Eric Ouellette, these new missions will be playable at launch alongside both the original military and economic campaigns. The Jewel Campaign remains true to the spirit of the first game while introducing new twists on familiar Stronghold gameplay.

Clocking in at 14 missions total, this new campaign will heavily feature series favourite antagonists The Rat and The Snake. As part of the larger overarching game narrative, players will be tasked with thwarting these nefarious lords from their pursuit of The Boy and the ruin of medieval England. Just as important however will be their own hunt for the kin to another series favourite character, the mighty Sir Longarm. Narrated in English by a new character, who is excitingly voiced by Stronghold series veteran actor Christopher Kent, players will be challenged like never before as they tackle old brutal foes and new formidable challenges.

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