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Lore of Stronghold #3

Our latest ‘Lore of Stronghold‘ video series covers the characters and history of Stronghold, as well as the core building blocks of our central story. Delving deep into the annals of Firefly’s design and writing, shaping the narrative of our castle sim series over the years, this lore series intends to provide fans with two things: First a cinematic summary for players who have never played a Stronghold title in their life and second hidden details, for those of you looking to start your umpteenth playthrough!

This week we turn to Duc Truffe, who came to be known as The Pig. A brutish, cruel man with a tragic past, in today’s video we learn about his journey from the gutter to Dukedom, cracking skulls and breaking bones along the way. In addition if you haven’t caught our previous episodes in this series, then be sure to check out lore behind The Rat and fan favourite The Snake.

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