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Stronghold Sessions

Welcome to Stronghold Sessions. Today marks our second episode in a series of extended, unedited interviews lifted from the ‘20 Years of Stronghold‘ documentary released last year. Join us as we sit down with Paul Harris, General Manager and Producer of many Stronghold and non-Stronghold titles here at Firefly Studios for more than 15 years! Paul discusses the early beginnings of Stronghold 2 including tales from the trenches, design goals and player feedback. We then move onto how ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘His Dark Materials’ inspired Stronghold Legends and even what Paul’s ideal future Stronghold title would look like. Suffice to say the man is a fan of castle customisation!

There are many more planned Stronghold Session interviews for later down the road. So if you’re interested in hearing more extended interviews from Firefly Studios developers – from Marketing to Programming – then make sure you subscribe to Firefly Studios on YouTube to catch the latest episodes.

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