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The Siege Weapons of Warlords #2

Today we’re has revealing three new siege weapons coming to Stronghold: Warlords! Ranging from classic Siege Towers to new-to-the-series fortification destroyers like the Korean Hwacha and Chinese winged rockets, our latest entry in the series will allow you to infiltrate, decimate and obliterate castle walls however you choose.

For this game we’re seeking to balance explosive siege weapons inspired by Chinese, Korean and Mongolian history with fan favourites recreated from past Stronghold games. Players will use gunpowder weaponry to protect their castle walls and eliminate enemy forces, but also rely on series classics to win the day.

From the humble fire lance to the deadly Hwacha, with more siege weapons to be revealed closer to launch, these weapons of war changed the course of military history. While these new tools will be balanced against other units and gunpowder-less siege weapons, players will also have options to enable stronger castle walls as a means of further tweaking the game balance.

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