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Warlords Composer Revealed!

Nearly in its 20th year, the Stronghold series has a few consistent staples we wouldn’t dream of changing. One of these is a history of memorable songs and full soundtracks composed by Robert L. Euvino!

From fan favourite hits like ‘Castle Jam’ in Stronghold 1 to soulful desert ballads such as ‘Breathe’ from Stronghold Crusader 2, music has been a highlight of every Stronghold game to date. Fans have grown accustomed to besieging set to had hard hitting orchestral clashes and castle building to the tune of peaceful lutes and idyllic violins, so we’re pleased to announce that Stronghold: Warlords will once again deliver. The game will feature an all-new soundtrack and return to the modular ‘Oud’ musical system from the original Stronghold Crusader, providing a more seamless musical experience during gameplay.

So rest easy as Rob will indeed be returning to score the landscapes of Warlords, with music suited to the many ways you’ll be governing over your lands with military force and cunning diplomacy. To celebrate we have put together a collection of early ambient compositions that Rob has created for the game so far. These are intended as mood setters to give you a small taste of the instruments, influences and styles you will be hearing in the final soundtrack. We’ll have much more on the audio side later down the line for Warlords, with video deep dives into the creation of the sound effects and full soundtrack planned. For now please enjoy this early preview of the music of Warlords!

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