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Inspirations Behind Stronghold Crusader

Firefly Studios welcomes you to this brand new Stronghold video series, Inspirations Behind Crusader! So saddle up your camel with grappling hooks and slingshots as we travel back to 1095 in search of the dawn of the Crusades. In this episode we look at the grand picture of this brutal time in history, analysing why the studio chose to travel half the globe to plant its RTS-simulation flag in the sands of the historic Middle East.

Learn about the inciting incidents which led to this two decade long conflict, who the big players were and how the Arabian economy would translate into the Stronghold formula in Firefly’s attempt to make a more fast paced, multiplayer focused counterpart to it’s atmospheric, story-rich beginnings of Stronghold. If you want to see more, we’ll be producing a whole series on the inspirations behind the Crusader titles down the year in addition to our Stronghold Next, Romans: Age of Caesar and community content. Be sure to check out our European series covering the mainline Stronghold games, you can check that out by clicking here.

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