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8 Facts About Romans: Age of Caesar

Firefly YouTube commenters Walder Frey, Le Creeper, Baschdi Ro, Nightshade, Neofusionbeta, Silver Fang, Kasper376 and many others are in the spotlight this week as we run through ‘8 Things You Need to Know’ about Romans: Age of Caesar! Nick has been paying attention to your comments, observations, questions and feedback across our forums and social media to bring you eight of the most important facts about our upcoming co-op city builder.

Romans: Age of Caesar is a huge step forward for strategy MMO games and a project everyone at Firefly Studios is hugely excited by. As we move between Alphas and add new mechanics to the game we’ll be sharing much more about development, so if you’re not already pre-registered and want to find out more make sure you head over to and do that right now. Not only will you be kept up to date with the latest Romans developments, but you’ll also be first in line when it comes to our second Alpha test and beyond.

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