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Romans: Age of Caesar – Community Q&A (Part 1)

This week Nick and Aaron don authentic Roman garbs to answer your most pressing questions about Romans: Age of Caesar, our new co-op city builder MMO. Whether you saw our announcement trailer and felt a flood off Caesar-related memories rushing back or simply want a new kind of strategy MMO in your life, this new two-part Q&A series aims to reveal all we can at this early stage.

Watch as we deal with the biggest and most pressing questions, along with a healthy dose of playful comments and Monty Python references! Find out about Romans’ graphical style, RTS elements, barbarian hordes, territory control, gameplay and more!

Currently in closed Alpha, Romans: Age of Caesar is co-operative grand strategy MMO from a team of veteran city builder developers. Players must rebuild Rome as they share resources, re-establish trade routes and protect their cities from barbarian invasion. Revive the republic and restore the Roman Empire to its former glory.

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